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Go to our home page to see what week we're on in any dance and just come along on week 1 can still come along on week 2 or 3 if you miss week 1 but obviously learning is easier right from the start of the basics. New dancers are invited to come along to any of our classes to see the fun style and quality of our teaching. In fact we recommend coming along on week 5 or 6 of any course, sit down at the bar with a drink, have a chat with a few people. You will always feel more comfortable on week 1 seeing a few familiar faces. Our classes all cost $15


We encourage you to rotate partners even if you attend with your own partner. 95% of people in our classes are single and the 5% of people with a partner complain if the 'singles' won't dance with them. We always take the time to explain the pros & cons so you can make your decision. It's your choice.


It can be daunting coming to your first dance class, sometimes you just need to jump right in. If you are unsure, just come along to one of our venues and have a drink and get to know a few people in the weeks before you are going to do your first class. This way you'll already feel comfortable with them when you start.


Jive is one of the most energetic dances being that we dance 8 steps in just six beats of music. We mix our Jive with Rock 'n Roll where we dance six movements in six beats of music. With Jive we are essentially shifting our whole body weight around faster than the music and Rock 'n' Roll we're not. Jive is the dance where you'll get a workout.

Jive classes run on Sundays 4:00 pm, Mondays 7:15 pm & Wednesdays 7:15 pm.


Unlike traditional ballroom studios, in our ballroom classes we usually focus on just one dance per night for the duration of the course. We teach Waltz, Quickstep, Rhumba, Samba, Cha Cha, Slow Rhythm, Viennese Waltz as well as some others including New Vogue and popular line dances. Other dance classes have now started copying our classes and have found people can learn better with the time to focus on just one dance.


If you've tried dance classes before but struggled, maybe the problem wasn't you, it could have been that learning four dance styles in an hour did not suit you. Come along and try our unique teaching style. The first thing we teach you is how to learn.

Ballroom classes run on Tuesdays & Thursdays

We also have a Monday Mixed Class which caters for people who can already dance, we mix the dances up each Monday at Balcatta and take you through sme of the dances that you may have forgotten. Of course there will be occasions where there's a dance that you don't know. Being a dancer already, chances are you'll learn it very quickly.


Learning is such an individual thing! Imagine if we stopped the classes right at the moment when the penny was about to drop for you just because 'time is up'. We do not run our classes by the clock, but of course we need to have a guide line for start & finish times, and you can find them on our home page.


With our classes, we don't believe in teaching easy stuff for the sake of it. At each level of your dancing, we want to challenge you. 

Keep challenging your brain!


The main style of classes we teach are social classes but we also offer Technique Classes where you can hone your skills and even do you nedals training & exams.


The highest level dance instructors in the world will tell you that they don't know everything and the more they learn the more they realise how much they don't know. Be as good as you can be while you're having as much fun as you can have, but remember there is only ever one time that we stop learning!


See our home page for class details or the future courses tab for a general guide of what courses are coming up including the next course start dates.


You might find it curious to learn that dancers make great skiers and skiers generally make great dancers. Many people in Western Australia tell us they have never even seen snow let alone been skiing. On our ski trips the first thing we do is teach you to ski. Once again our teaching style has seen people learn to ski with parallel turns (as opposed to snow plough) in as little as an hour. It's the same as dancing in many ways, you need to learn basics first then improve your skills in layers.

Skiing is a relatively expensive sport as opposed to dancing but a group ski trip is about the cheapest way to go and one of the most fun holidays you could ever have. Ski update: We have decided not to run anymore ski trip for the foreseeable future. (January 2019)





Get comfortable with the idea of counting your steps. Each dance has it's own unique count. For example, Jive is "Back step, Three & Four, Three & Four" for about 85% of the dance. Actually saying those words (not thinking them) will accellerate your learning  FIVE TIMES. Jive is one of the easiest to dances to learn so it's a good dance to get started with. Once Jive is no longer challenging try moving on to Cha Cha, then Rhumba, Waltz & Quickstep as they are far more difficult that Jive or Rock n' Roll. You may find it curious but about 80% of Waltz & Quickstep steps are the same, just the timing is different.



Yes Jive & Rock n' Roll are fun, but will you be dancing them when you're are 85 (for example). By the time you're that old it'll be too late to learn the more difficult dances and Jive will be too fast & furious for you to keep up. Plan to be able to have a go at most dances.

Our question to everyone is, when you are 80 years old would you like to be in a rocking chair or on the dance floor? It is very likely to be too late to learn then!


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