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Pretty much since JDK started, we've had a dance on the first Saturday of every month. Over the years on many occasions people have had birthday parties & invited their JDK friends which has impacted the numbers at our monthly dances.

This brilliant idea has been 25 years in the making.


If you have a birthday coming up & celebrate it on the 1st Saturday of the month, (our dance night), you'll get:

a. FREE venue hire, FREE Band (if booked), FREE entry for yourself & one other (friend or partner)
b. Up to 10 x 50% discount vouchers to give to your dancing friends
c. Reservation of up to 5 tables

If we have a band booked for the night, JDK pays 100% of the cost of the band. JDK also pays the venue hire.

If you have non-dancing friends coming to your party, we can arrange free passes for them too. It would not be fair to ask them to pay to attend your birthday.

Other unique elements can be discussed & agreed upon prior to your birthday as well of course.

*Adequate notice is required       *Conditions subject to change


You get the venue and band at no charge!

This initiative is a win win ...and you don't kill the goose that lays the golden egg! Many people over the years have said, "I'm only inviting my friends", not considering that they met their JDK friends at JDK. We are proud of being the catalyst for many, many friendships/relationships over the years and want our dances to remain viable to introduce you and many others long into the future!

Having your birthday on our dance night also means that no one feels conflicted in choosing to support our dance or attending your birthday. They can do both.

Finally, with over 14,000 people on our database, as much as we'd love to, we couldn't possibly attend everyone's birthday, especially if we are running a dance on that night. We'd love to join in on your celebration, & this way we can.


Our Balcatta venue layout allows you, on the night, to usher your private birthday friends into the closed off, separate side bar, where you can also have catering, speeches and cut your birthday cake etc.  *Subject to discussion with the venue

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