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Please send through any questions not already answered below and we'll add them if they are common questions...
Can I attend the classes or dances even though I don't have a partner?

Yes you can. We rotate partners approximately every 60 seconds so you can come along on your own or with a partner. The majority of people in our classes attend on their own and we are very lucky to have very balanced ratios of ladies to men most of the time. Some nights there are more women and other nights we have more men but when this happens you will only be standing out for 60 seconds.

The best dancers are able to practice without a partner but it's not easy the first few times you try it

How do I pay for the class, do you have EFTPOS?

You can pay for the class with cash each time you attend. We will take bank transfers for anyone pre-paying for a six or 12 lesson card. A dedicated bank account will be set up for this by the end of April 2022.

You can purchase a six or 12 lesson card in class with cash or cheque in the meantime.

Does the venue have a bar where I can buy a drink?

Yes. In fact you cannot bring your own drink bottle as people have been caught with alcohol in their water bottle.

By having us there, the venue hope to sell a few drinks to ensure the viability of the club. Drinks are at club prices too!

Our classes are very good value for money for two or more hours of dancing, so please bring a few dollars to support the venue by buying a drink or two.

Yes, the venue will give you a glass of tap water.

What happens if I miss a week or two?

Should you miss a week or two of a course, keep in mind that we always revise our routine in every course before teaching anything new. If you are not confident that you'll cope give us a call and ask for a free catch up. We'll spend some time with you before the class starts.

Experienced dancers can usually cope with the class without the catch up, but it's still available to you.

If you can't cope with the class after missing a week or two, the best thing is to maintain your current level by only doing the beginners class. Improvers are welcome to shadow the class and learn the new move being taught... otherwise you could have to wait many months before that same move is taught again.

Should I continue with beginners classes once I start Improvers class?

Most definitely. The best dancers in our classes remain very much connected to their roots ...even week one, well especially week one. You'll only experience week one class every six weeks.

We understand that doing those basic steps so slowly every six weeks can become a bit 'boring' but the best tennis players practice their basic strokes every day, footballers do sit-ups & push-ups because these exercises enhance their abilities for the main game.

It is also human nature to 'lazy down' the basic steps. Re-visiting the basics steps just once every six weeks will make you fun to dance with.

Why is it I can dance well with some people but not others?

This is totally normal. Some people just don't gell on the dance floor. The best of friends or even husband & wife can sometimes not sync on the dance floor at first. Dancing with lots of other people creates dancing melting pot, so the more people you dance with, the more you'll be able to dance with anyone.

Of course people with a partner want to dance together. But learning with someone you are not in a relationship with allows to focus only on learning the dance.

You'll very soon find yourself back with your partner ...and having more fun than ever.

Am I too old to attend?

As we age, our movement, flexibility, balance and ability to learn new skills diminish. YOU CAN REVERSE THIS. Baby steps will do it. If you persist, before you know it you will have improved out of sight, including cognitive function. Physical exercise alone is great for our bodies, but as much as running, walking, lifting weights etc. are fantastic exercise, they do not challenge the brain or the links between the brain & body like dancing does.

Yes of course, once you learn the dance it can essentially be the same as walking or running, in that you don't need to think about it anymore. That is when you need to learn another one of the dances we teach. "LEARNING" exercises the brain & the brain exercises the body.

HAVE A QUESTION? Email it through to us. If your question is a frequently asked question, we'll add it to this page for the benefit of all

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