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Can I attend the classes or dances even though I don't have a partner?

Yes you can. We rotate partners approximately every 60 seconds so you can come along on your own or with a partner. The majority of people in our classes attend on their own and we are very lucky to have very balanced ratios of ladies to men most of the time. Some nights there are more women and other nights we have more men but when this happens you will only be standing out for 60 seconds.

Can I change venues from time to time?


Sunday, Monday and Wednesdays at Wembley are all exactly the same Jive lesson.

Tuesday and Thursday’s are the same ballroom lesson.

Swap between venues as you like or repeat the class for extra practice and socializing and exercise.

Can I still continue with the current course if I miss a week or even more?

Yes, we are very aware that it's a busy world we live in and sometimes life gets in the way.

As much as maintaining a balance between work and 'play' makes your work life more productive, there are those times where it is necessary to prioritise.

We completely understand that you might not be able to come consecutively for six weeks. Jive classes are repeated three times and week, so if you can’t come on Sunday, you can make up the missed class up on Monday or Wednesday, or just let us know of your situation and we'll try to offer you some extra assistance prior t the start of the class or in some cases we can slow down the revision portion at the start of our classes a little bit for you.

Ballroom classes are offered twice a week, so if you are busy on Tuesday, make the class up on Thursday or vice versa.

We always revise what we've done in any course before getting in some practice before teaching anything new. The structure of the lesson is we start with a warm up and then revise last week’s moves, fix any obvious problems with previously taught moves, practice the routine and have a short break before teaching any new moves and then finish of the class with dancing the whole routine at a faster pace but then slow the pace down for the final song.

If you are having trouble catching up after missing a week or two, just let us know and we will do everything we can to catch you up.

Should I continue with beginners classes once I start Improvers class?

Most definitely. The best dancers in our classes remain very much connected to their roots ...even week one, well especially week one. You'll only experience week one class every six weeks.

We understand that doing those basic steps so slowly every six weeks can become a bit boring but the best tennis players practice their basic strokes every day, footballers do sit-ups & push-ups because these exercises enhance their abilities for the main game.

it is also human nature to find short cuts and 'lazy down' the basic steps. Re-visiting the basics steps just once every six weeks fixes this.

Why is it I can dance well with some people but not others?

This is totally normal. Some people just don't gell on the dance floor. The best of friends or even husband & wife can sometimes not sync on the dance floor. Dancing with lots of other people enhances your ability to the dancing melting pot, so the more people you dance with, the more you'll be able to dance with anyone.

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