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Our Next Monthly Dance

Saturday, 1 May

Our Soiree is your chance to put into practice all of what we've been teaching and try to remember dances you have not danced for a long time.

Rock'n Roll/Jive - Ballroom - Latin - New Vogue - Line Dances - Progressive Dances


A night of Waltz, Rhumba, Evening Three Step, Pride of Erin, Cha Cha, Mayfair Quickstep, Square Rhumba, Jive, Slow Rhythm, Sea Shells, Viennese Waltz, Samba, Quickstep, Chilli Cha Cha, Merilyn, Parma Waltz, Progressive Jive, Progressive Cha Cha, Viennese Waltz and more.


Free Refresher lesson starts 7:45 pm

Part A... Rock'n Roll/Jive (current routine)

Part B... Quickstep (current routine)

Part C... Presidents Daughter's Waltz

8:30 pm Dance Starts

11:00 pm finish

(we will continue until midnight though if we have not worn everyone out)



71 Grindleford Dr, Balcatta



$15 entry


Table bookings are welcome


Western Australia, Australia

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