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Tuesday, 3rd, Thursday, 5th & Monday 9th July is week one.

The Monday class runs a week behind Tuesday & Thursday giving you the chance to catch up or repeat. But, Monday is just some people's night.



7:30 p.m. - 9:30 p.m.



Macedonian Cultural Centre

71 Grindleford Dr, Balcatta

VIENNESE WALTZ… An elegant, timeless dance from the very basics to confidently dancing Viennese Waltz completely. 




Week one will be steady steady, week two a bit quicker & week three will go from medium right up to full pace.

Firstly, we are going to run with the tried and proven Beginners followed by Improvers format. In beginners, it's going to be a clear explanation of the footwork and plenty of time to practice at a gentle pace slowly building in line with your confidance. The problem for some people learning in a workshop is that it's done & dusted in 3 hours and then they don't get the chance to practice very much. As well as this, some people are never available to attend our workshops as they're not available on a Saturday when we've run past workshops.


Improvers class will be a chance to practice with people who have the confidence to stick with the dance as we get faster and add in some of the popular variations. The variations can only be danced properly by slowing down a touch.


On week three we'll be teaching Fleckerls but you'll need to be well practised with your basic footwork before trying it. Fleckerls is the pinnacle of all Viennese Waltz steps and for many people who've loved this dance have even described it as their nemesis. In the right head space, environment and with enough practice, we're confident you'll be dancing full pace Viennese Waltz including Fleckerls and some beautiful variations.




Week One

Tuesday, 3rd - Thursday, 5th - Monday, 9th July

Week Two

Tuesday, 10th - Thursday, 12th - Monday, 16th July

Week Three

Tuesday, 17th - Thursday, 19th - Monday, 23rd July

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