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We have people ask us all of the time to teach some of the basic dances always danced in the band breaks.

These include:

El Paso, Sea Shells, Waltz Across Texas (with & without a partner), Maltese Cha Cha, Bar Tenders Stomp, Ghost Train, The Wanderer, Heel Toe Polka (Wagon Wheel & Criss-cross Wagon Wheel), Red Hot Salsa etc.


Another thing we see, is people who have learnt  some of these dances on the go, this is often the dancing equivalent of Chinese whispers. We'll fix the basic errors that people most frequently make.


If you know many of these dances, it could just be a social dance day.



$20 pp



Saturday, 29 December



Mount Hawthorn Community Centre
197 Scarborough Beach Road

Mount Hawthorn

2:00 - 4:00 p.m.

 ONE... Band Break Dances        Sat, 29 Dec

Viennese Waltz Still.jpg


Part 1... Beginners most basic basics
Part 2... Advanced Hacks & Tricks to survive on the social dance floor


PART 1) Beginners often have trouble with the Viennese Cross when turning reverse (turning left). We are going to show you how to leave the Reverse turn out without getting dizzy from turning Natural too many times in a row. Once you get used to moving around the floor it will be much easier to try the Reverse Turn. We will of course, show the Reverse Turn but only briefly. For those who can already dance Viennese Waltz Part 1 will show you how to keep it basic when you're dancing with someone who is new at it.


PART 2) This will be getting moving on the floor without interupting the flow of others already traveling around the floor. Then once you're moving & someone stops on your line unexpectedly ...How to change direction without notice. Then you or your partner miss a beat, slip or get out of sync. How to bring it back...



$20 pp



Thursday, 3 January




71 Grindleford Dr


2:00 - 5:00 p.m.

  TWO... Viennese Waltz            Thur, 3 Jan

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