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How flexible are you? Myth busted

Updated: Aug 22, 2019

YOGA DOESN'T WORK... Ok, of course it does but not alone. We practice most days in fact - but there are more things we can do to maintain and improve our flexibility & well-being.

What we used to think we knew about the human body & how to become flexible is now known to be incorrect. There are a few main factors that determine our flexibility but short muscles that need to be lengthened is not one of them!

Flexibility and dancing go hand in hand at every level.

We recently discovered a stretching program that would possibly get us mobile enough to achieve full front splits. We have only just downloaded the video tutorials and worked through the first couple of sessions. We're so excited of such a prospect that we thought we'd share it.

The program was put together by Lisa Howell, a physiotherapist and dancer. Her introduction to the program captivated us and we hope it captures your imagination and inspires you to also build your dancing strength by improving your flexibility. Here is an excerpt of the introduction:

The program could change your life & we think it's well worth the $40

Follow this link to check out the website

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