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Foxtrot Workshop











Saturday, 23 June


2:00 - 5:00 p.m.


Macedonian Cultural Centre

71 Grindleford Dr, Balcatta

Places for 3 men or 5 couples

registration is now closed but please call or sms 0407 825 483

The first time we taught Foxtrot was in May 2016. A very deceptively simple looking dance that really sorted out who was serious about learning this stunning dance.


The thing is you must not lose sight of the end game. You need to earn your stripes with Foxtrot and the learning will really test you, and test your ability to focus. Learning Foxtrot is not fun filled at first, nor is it energetic but once the penny drops is simply AMAZING to dance.

When you know how to Foxtrot, you can really say you know how to dance!


I once asked Kari if she had just one dance before she died what would it be, she replied without even blinking, "Foxtrot". ...Tim

$20 per person pre-paid only

pay in any class any time up to the Thursday of the week before the event.

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