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About Us

At JDK Dance we are all about having fun. Yes it's social dancing at it's best. We have an energetic style of Rock 'n' Roll/ Jive, although it is the same basic footwork as Latin or Ballroom Jive there is a lot more freedom to do some more interesting moves. Rock 'n' Roll is a broad blanket encompassing quite a few different types of dances. Rock'n' Roll/Jive incorporates eight steps per six beats of music, this makes it more energetic than most other styles even though it is danced to slightly slower music than some styles (because we dance more steps than there are beats of music) - we believe dancing should first of all be fun, but also be exercise and social interaction.

Classes cost $15


Unlike traditional ballroom studios, in our ballroom classes we generally focus on one dance per night for the duration of the course. We teach Waltz, Quickstep, Rhumba, Samba, Cha Cha, Slow Rhythm, Viennese Waltz as well as some others including New Vogue and popular line dances. Ballroom, Latin & New Vogue


If you've tried dance classes before but struggled, maybe the problem wasn't you, it could have been the teaching style, so come along and try our unique teaching style.



It can be daunting coming to your first dance class, sometimes you just need to jump right in. If you are unsure, just come along to one of our venues and have a drink and get to know people in the weeks before you are going to do your first class. This way you'll already know a few people and feel comfortable.

Ballroom classes run on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Thursday is a repeat of Tuesday. Classes cost $15

See our home page for class details or the future courses for a general guide of what courses are coming up.

Keep reading to see how to join.


How To Join

If you're ready to join our dance classes, here's what to do:

Check what week we're on from our home page. You can join in upto week three but it is obviously easiest to join at the start of any course. Usually, if you've done any structured, recognised dancing (with regulation footwork) you could possibly start at any time... but this depends on the complexity of the dance and how quickly you learn. We are all different. If you're unsure call or sms us on 0407 825 483.



Get comfortable with the idea of counting your steps. Each dance has it's own unique count. For example, Jive is "Back step, Three & Four, Three & Four" for about 85% of the dance. Actually saying those words (not thinking them) will accellerate your learning  FIVE TIMES. Jive is one of the easiest to dances to learn so it's a good dance to get started with. Once Jive is no longer challenging try moving on to Cha Cha, then Rhumba, Waltz & Quickstep as they are far more difficult that Jive or Rock n' Roll. You may find it curious but about 80% of Waltz & Quickstep steps are the same, just the timing is different.



Yes Jive & Rock n' Roll are fun, but will you be dancing them when you're are 85. By the time you're that old it'll be too late to learn the more difficult dances and Jive will be too fast & furious for you to keep up. Plan to be able to have a go at most dances.



The information required on the registration form is specifically for the purpose of identifying you should you want to update your details and so we can contact

you with "what's on" emails or sms, when each course starts (usually every six weeks) or when lessons are relocated due to a venue being unavailable on rare occasions.

​Come along to the venue of your choice 15 minutes before the start time


Remember to bring a couple of dollars to buy a drink. Remember it is illegal to brink your own drink to a licenced venue.

What to expect when you first come attend JDK classes...​


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