2:00 p.m.
2 Hours

Viennese Waltz Workshop TWO of THREE

Important Information...   ONLY people who attend Part 1 and Part 2 will receive an invitation to Part 3 (not negotiable)
Part 1... Natural
Saturday, 21 November  2:00 pm
A unique teaching style of teaching Natural Turns (right) only with a sneaky trick not to get dizzy. This style of teaching allows us to teach you really good techniques to be able to actually dance Viennese Waltz
Pre-paid only
Part 2... Reverse
Saturday, 28 November  2:00 pm
The same trick not to get dizzy whilst mastering your Reverse Turns (left). You'll accomplish a high level of understanding & master the Viennese cross. Yes you can attend Part 2 even if you missed Part 1, but you cannot attend Part 3 with the exception of people who attain the Part 1 skills in a private lesson.
Pre-paid only
Part 3... Combination
Friday, 4 December  7:00 pm
This third workshop will get you practiced at alternating Natural & Reverse Turns as well as smoothly transitioning between both. Then well give you tips to develop a higher smooth level of VW
Workshop 2... $30
Workshop 3... $0 yes, free but only for people who have done workshop 1 & 2 will be invited to attend ..not negotiable
71 Grindleford Drive