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Important Information...   ONLY people who attend Part 1 and Part 2 will receive an invitation to Part 3 (not negotiable)
Part 1... Natural
Saturday, 21 November  2:00 pm
A unique teaching style of teaching Natural Turns (right) only with a sneaky trick not to get dizzy. This style of teaching allows us to teach you really good techniques to be able to actually dance Viennese Waltz
Part 2... Reverse
Saturday, 28 November  2:00 pm
The same trick not to get dizzy whilst mastering your Reverse Turns (left). You'll accomplish a high level of understanding & master the Viennese cross. Yes you can attend Part 2 even if you missed Part 2, but you cannot attend Part 3 with the exception of people who attain the Part 1 skills in a private lesson.
Pre-paid only
Part 3... Combination
Friday, 4 December  7:00 pm
This third workshop will get you practiced at alternating Natural & Reverse Turns as well as smoothly transitioning between both. Then well give you tips to develop a higher smooth level of VW
Workshop 1... $30
Workshop 2... $30
Workshop 3... $0 yes, free but only for people who have done workshop 1 & 2 will be invited to attend ..not negotiable
71 Grindleford Drive