Viennesse Ball and USA Ski Trip Wrap Up

As with all travel there are highlights, lowlights, unexpected events and expectations. This trip was no different.

We landed in Vienna and tried to absorb the majesty of the place. Just wandering through the city felt amazing. To turn a corner and see the imposing sight of St Stephens Cathedral was an experience in itself.

The whole purpose of the trip to Vienna was to go to a Viennese ball ...The Baker's Ball. Before the ball the plan was to experience a dance lesson Viennese style where hopefully we would learn a thing or two and some of the etiquette and protocols necessary to enjoy the ball. The dance school we went to was one of the most famous and prestigious in Austria. The lesson was held at the Hofburg Palace where the ball was also held. Unfortunately the only thing we really got out of the lesson was the basics of the midnight Quadrille which is a dance that the ball stops for at midnight. The Quadrille was easy, (essentially walking in time with music) but it was fun to experience this with a full Palace of people around us.

The ball itself was an amazing experience and one we will remember for a long time to come. It was however seriously overcrowded and it was not really possible to dance properly. It was obvious to see that there were some amazing dancers there but they had nowhere to go as they tried to dance shoulder to shoulder with 2000 other people.

The only dances we could really dance were ones that did not follow the line of dance, such as Cha Cha and Jive ...our Jiving grabbed their attention to say the least. Out of only about 50 photos on their website we managed to sneak into three of them. The orchestra played all of the mainstream ballroom and Latin dances.

The ball started at 9 p.m. and finished at 5 a.m. we decided that we had had enough at 3 a.m. and the dance floor was still overcrowded at that time. The lesson for us should we go to another ball is to go to a quieter, less famous ball.

Not that ballet or opera is our 'thing' but being in such an iconic city we felt compelled to go to the ballet at the state opera theatre and along to an opera on another night. Again although ballet is definitely not our thing it was by far the highlight of the Vienna trip, it's something that you could really only appreciate by being there.

After 24 hours for our feet to recover from the ball we flew to Denver Colorado to meet the 21 other people on our USA ski trip. A couple of people were already there and others arrived in the next couple of days. As always with our ski trips new friendships were formed and connections made. The comradery on the trip was amazing as always and everyone looks out for everyone else.

Unfortunately the conditions at Breckenridge were the worst they have seen for 20 years and they were sitting at 31% of the snow they normally have for January. This was still better than the snow we have in Australia, and with 10 times more terrain to be discovered Breckenridge is definitely a place that we will return to for a 4th time at some point in future. Being that Breckenridge and Perisher are both owned by Vail resorts and a season pass at Perisher allows us to ski for free in Breckenridge... it's a no brainer.

From our previous trip to Breckenridge, we had a good in one of the locals who was keen to catch up with our group and meet the new members on this trip. The hospitality of locals is second to none. A few of us stayed with them before and after the trip. Karin, Kirstin & Jericho are such lovely people, catching up with them again was definitely a highlight. Karin's husband, Paul is a black run groomer at Copper Mountain near Breckenridge and had been head-hunted to groom the ski runs for the South Korean Winter Olympic Games. Paul used to be part of the ski patrol team and is an amazing skier. It would have been fun to have had time with him again this year but will have to wait for the next trip for that to happen.

All too quickly the trip had come to an end and we were all packing up to make our way back to Perth. But a group of 8 went on a road trip to Las Vegas, via the Grand Canyon and other iconic sight seeing. The only photo we've seen so far though was them all hanging out in a Pub ....hahahaha


It has been so nice to see everyone at dancing again and on that note we need to thank Nadine, Wayne, Mr Bean (Neil), Patrick, Jan, Grace, and Kia who all did an amazing job keeping JDK running to such a high standard. The feedback has been overwhelmingly positive. Thank you.



If you are interested in our August ski trip to Perisher or our overseas trip in January or February each year, please enquire by using the contact page from this website or call 0407 825 483.

FYI - We have committed to every second year of our overseas ski trips to going to Japan (2017, 2019, 2021 etc)