Technique Class


Tuesdays​ 6:45 - 7:30 p.m.

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Any social dancer who recognises how much fun dancing is but also recognises that dancing correctly amplifies the fun ten fold. Everyone has danced with 'that person' who is simply amazing to dance with, right? Well 'that person' could be you!

We know that this class will not appeal to everyone as you need to be at least a competant social level dancer before adding technique.


We also know some people just want to learn moves and enjoy dancing at a social level and that is perfectly ok, that is exactly what we teach in our regular classes.
The structure of our Technique class will be purely a learning environment. Whilst our philosophy is that dancing should put a smile on your face. Learning technique is not the fun part, the prize is further down the track when what was once fun becomes even more fun once the satisfaction of the hard work to correct old bad habits has paid off. As we have seen many times, you can learn technique but if it's not something you've done all your life, you'll need to spend sufficient time in the Technique Class to form good habits so you don't go back to old habits.

The class will run from 6:45 – 7:30 p.m., before our regular ballroom. As with any new skill, at first it will be difficult to include your newly learnt technique into your social dancing without slipping back into your old habits, but over time, with practice, it becomes easier. It will simply become ‘how you dance’. Becoming a technically correct dancer is not something that happens on it’s own – you have to earn it!
Tim & Kari... OK well mostly Kari. She has completed her Ballroom & Latin theory degrees and imparts her knowledge so eloquently. Tim is continuing his studies in Ballroom dancing in order to also complete his theory degree. Tim's struggles to transition from a social dancer to a technically correct dancer gives great insight to the path the average person can expect when joining the technique class.



We started our technique class for people who wanted to achieve a higher level of dancing.
We initially took the obvious approach of offering people a medals based system. We even started some people along that journey (as we had done ourselves).

Over a relatively short period of time we naturally came to the realisation of what it was that we were reallywanting to achieve. Just a higher level of dancing!

The best dancers by far, locally, nationally, and internationally are competition dancers right?

The only way a medals system can give truly honest results would be if people sat their exams at each level partnered by a person one grade higher than themselves & not by a teacher who is going to push them through every step of the way. This is what happened in our case. It's an exam based system, but nobody ever fails the exam.


We have since decided that the new path for our Technique Class needed to be based on best practice, not medals.

We know full well that most people in our classes do not want to be competition dancers, but they do want to achieve the highest level they are capable of.

Therefore our goal is to simply teach correct technique which will produce the highest quality dancing that each individual would be capable of achieving.

This new approach has already proven successful with the ongoing growth of our Technique class.
If you would like to be the best you can be come along and experience what the Technique class is all about.
The cost is $15 for each technique class but only $10 if you are also staying for the rest of the night.

Every Tuesday... 6:45 - 7:30 p.m.
This time slot will give you the opportunity to practice your new skills in our regular classes, in the breaks, at the end of the class or at our monthly dances.