The call for interest in this trip closes Wednesday, 15th March so you don’t have long & need get in early. Even if you have already spoken to us about the trip please confirm in writing to formally register your interest in this trip.
Each year we have had bigger & bigger groups going to our Perisher Ski Trip. There are people who keep funds in our ski trust account as a permanent booking due to the popularity of our trips. Last year we had 34 people at Perisher after peaking in 2015 with 43 people. Being that we do not mark up our ski trips, we decided to keep the trip to 30 or less people. Please reply to this email to express your interest in this year’s trip. Be quick …as you can see places are limited.
Sunday, 13th – Friday, 18th August 2017
As with any ski trip cost vary greatly depending on your choices. If you booked airfares with frequent flyer points and took the budget options wherever possible you could scrape in under the $2400 mark. If you prefer a little more luxury start thinking around the $3500 mark. Depending on your choices & requirements, this includes breakfast, dinner, lift pass, flights, accommodation, equipment hire, airport bus transfers, coach to & from the ski fields and insurance.
A group ski trip is the best way to ski. There’s always someone to have a ski with, a drink, or laugh with for that matter. The stories get bigger & bigger as the trip goes on and is usually the best “laugh therapy” you’ll ever experience.

The call for interest in this trip closes Wednesday, 15th March so you don’t have long & need get in early. Even if you have already spoken to us about the trip please confirm in writing to formally register your interest in this trip.

Further, we are happy to talk to you in class about the trips, but as we are looking after so many people in our groups we require things to be in writing. Thank you for your understanding.
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MORE ABOUT OUR TRIPS (before you begin with a million questions, the answer is probably here)
Beginners… Our annual Perisher trip is the best trip for beginners or people just wanting to try skiing for the first time. Although all ski resorts have areas specifically set up for beginners or people who have not ever skied before, Perisher has some of the best. After five days in ski school 90% of beginners are still snow ploughing. Depending on your ability, we’ll teach you in one day and no ploughing (see below). It is also curious that dancers make great skiers.
Tried skiing before & couldn’t do it?... Maybe the problem wasn’t you, maybe you never had the right teacher? Our unique teaching style has proven to be phenomenally successful and has people parallel skiing on the first day in many cases, sometimes in just half a day …or even less depending on your ability to learn. As we see in our dance classes though some people need to re-learn how to learn, “your ears are your best friend in this case”, listen, listen, listen, question time comes at the end. Also like in our dance classes, you really need to ‘want to do it’ – Don’t let anyone drag you along.
Some people really struggle to learn… Let’s address the most obvious problems. One common barrier to learning is pride – Pride is a good thing, but left unchecked could be your undoing. Your partner can ski but you can’t? …get over it, they never got it for free, it’s very likely that they worked for it and probably work bloody hard too. You need to go from one level to the next. Some people learn quicker than others but you can’t skip a level or you miss the understanding of the movement. It make complete sense that the first thing we need to teach you is to stop, but in order to stop you need to be moving in the first place …so there is the most obvious example of where we can’t skip a level.
Travel insurance & Helmets… The ONLY caveat on the trip is that JDK must book your travel insurance. The reason for this caveat is that we once had a guy who told us he had insurance but didn’t, he unfortunately had an issue preventing him from attending which in turn affected his twin share room mate and then in turn affected the whole group. If $50 worth of insurance is something you don’t want to do then our ski trip is probably not for you.
WEARING A SKI HELMET …everyone in our groups wears a helmet and the general consensus in our groups is that most people do not want to ski with someone not wearing one.
There was once a time when you’d do a ‘double take’ after seeing someone wearing a helmet. These days if you’re not wearing a helmet you’re definitely in the minority. They keep your ears warm and house ear pieces for those the many skiers in our groups with Bluetooth headsets (to communicate within the group & accept a phone call without pulling our gloves off).
If this is something you feel strongly about and feel inclined not to come because of, discuss it with us to get a better understanding of where we are coming from. If you’re skiing along innocently minding your own business and get knocked to the ground or just take a tumble on the slopes and someone skis into your head at just 30 km/h, the consequences could be diabolical. I’ve (Tim) personally been saved by a ski helmet in a serious crash and after one guy on our Japan 2017 had a fall and smacked his head pretty hard was saved by his helmet, I can’t see that we’ll ever be changing our thinking on this.
It’s too cold… Skiing is a sport! You’ll find yourself getting a work out in fact. Most beginners work about four times harder than experienced skiers. Let’s think about this, it’s gravity that is taking you down the slope, so what’s all the puffing about? Most beginners find themselves breaking a sweat & loosening up a few layers once they get started.
How to stop… It’s IMPORTANT that the first thing we teach you is how to STOP and make sure that you’re practised at stopping - just like learning to ride a motorcycle, it’s the first thing to learn!
Why Perisher – Why Australia?... We get to Perisher by flying direct into Canberra, so it’s convenient. And of course there’s no suffering jetlag. A lot of people get there on frequent flyer points, so it’s relatively cheap even if you don’t have points. Perisher is arguably the best all round ski resort in Australia. It has lots of terrain for skiers of all levels.
There is no denying that skiing is an expensive sport and especially with the short Australian season. Skiing in Australia is more expensive than a lot of places in the world. We don’t get the -20 and -30 degree temperatures that a lot of places get, so our snow is often not as good as many places, but it’s like dancing, you want to be able to dance more that one style and you want to be able to dance with almost anyone. If you can only dance one style and only with an experienced dancer, what does that say about your dancing? If you can only ski in perfect snow conditions, you’ve got a lot of learning to do. Skiing is a dance & the mountain leads!
Sister Resorts… Vail Resorts has taken over Perisher (amongst many other ski resorts around the world). Whilst this has negatively impacted a few things, by and large this has some BIG advantages. Vail Resorts also owns Breckenridge, Colorado (one of our favourite places to go). The big news is that a Perisher season pass (Epic Pass) also gives us ten days free skiing at Breckenridge (one or two USA public holidays are excluded). Most people going to Breckenridge 2018 have already bought the Epic Pass for the Perisher 2017 trip. We purchase the passes as a group when they go on special at the end of the Perisher season (we get group rates on most aspects of the trip and 65+ years discount also applies).
Being that there was a strong incentive to purchase the Epic Passes for 2017 (roughly a $600 advantage for Breckenridge 2018), it’s also a no-brainer for people with the Epic Pass to stay longer at Perisher as the lift pass is already covered. Other Epic Pass advantages… Ski shop and restaurant discounts apply (as high as 25% we’ve seen in the past), discounted lift passes at Breckenridge for the days over and above the ten free ones and discounted buddy passes.
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Breckenridge Colorado 2018… Register your interest ASAP as this trip already has 18 names down.
OFFICIAL DATES: January 14th to 24th 2018
Fly into Denver, Colorado.
Of course most people don’t want to travel all the way to North America without doing some other secondary trip in the USA or Canada or even somewhere in between. Speak with others on the trip and make plans before or after the official ski dates to break the travel up (minimizing jet jag too) …or maybe by going to a Viennese Waltz Ball in Vienna. Yes it’s on the cards, if you have bothered reading this far and are interested, talk to us.
Minimising the costs… The single greatest expense on most ski trips is going to be accommodation. We do our best to get good deals on all aspects of our trips but the best way to save on this is twin share. We pair singles up with other singles who also want to save on this expense. Of course, couples and families share the accommodations costs equally, and some people love their own space and are happy to pay single supplement. It’s an individual choice.
Payments… To ease the pain of the costs, we have a ski trust account. Many people make ongoing periodical payments to pay the trip off over time.
If you’re a definite on this trip or any other, start your contributions at any time. Right now to attend our August Perisher trip, we are calling for a $500 deposit per person. Please remember to add your name to the transfer.
The great thing about the trust account is that your payments remain your money until such time as you give us the go ahead to make payment to the resort or hotel & it is then subject to their cancellation policy.
Ski account details:
Dajeki Trust Ski Account
BSB: 814 282
Account # 3105 5498

The second greatest expense is either airfares or equipment rental depending on the destination. Where the destination is far away and travel cost are up there, people use frequent flyer points to book flights if possible. We also send out alerts when airfare specials are received and usually book some pretty amazing deals. As mentioned, the other greatest expense is equipment rental. If the trip is 7 days or greater, in most countries (except Australia) it is cheaper to buy than to rent and then you have the gear for subsequent trips too. In Japan 2017 for example, the cost of ten days rental was more expensive than purchasing the gear. BUT then comes the burden of having to carry the stuff. It’s pure economics, if you are on your first international trip and really don’t want to carry the skis etc, you have the choice, pay $800 to rent and have no annoying luggage to carry home or pay $700 to purchase the gear and leave it behind and still save yourself $100. But, plan on just one more trip and your capacity to save is enormous. As far as carrying the gear around goes, a double ski bag allows you to carry all of your gear including clothes and then all you need is your carry on case for the other smalls you’ll need. There’s nothing difficult about that! This does not aply to skiing in Perisher though as we get a very good group rate on hire equipment.
Skiing in Japan makes sense… Being almost the same time zone and arguably the best snow in the world, it makes total sense to head to one of the best and closest international destination more regularly. After consultation with many of our regulars, everyone seems to think heading to Japan every second year really makes sense. 2017, 2019, 2021 etc …of course this is just the plan at this point in time & in future, plans may well be changed.
Uncertain?... If you need more information or are just curious, get in contact with us or ask one of our many skiers in our classes. Non-dancers are very welcome on our trips just as non-skiers are welcome in our dance classes.

Get in contact with us by reply email or by contacting us on 0407 825 483