Cha Cha Course

Starts Sunday, 14th &/or Wednesday, 17 November

The music we play for Cha Cha is some of the best ...Tom Jones - Sexbomb, Micheal Buble - Sway, Santana - Smooth, Vika Bull - Push Over, The M People - Moving On Up & Sight for Sore Eyes... just to name a few.

Sunday Class Details... 4:15 p.m.

Beginners...   Basic foundation moves & practice
Improvers...  More challenging moves, understanding of movement & all at a bit quicker pace



71 Grindleford Dr


Wednesday Class Details... 7:15 p.m.

Cha Cha basics followed by Sally-Anne Cha Cha, Chilli Cha Cha, Maltese Cha Cha, El Paso, Seashells

Scarborough Sportsman's Club

75 Deanmore Dr