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About Our Lotto Syndicate and how it works
We run a $5 per share lotto syndicate every time there is a big jackpot or a superdraw.

1. You can buy as many $5 shares as you like when we are running the syndicate.

2. The number of shares you get determines how many shares of the winnings you get.

3. Unless we win a life changing amount, we re-enter the winnings in the following draw or in another lotto jackpot on the same week (should there be one). ONLY the original people in the winning syndicate, named by the date of the draw Eg "201015" (yymmdd) are in the syndicate called 201015 as it continues until running out of funds or better still ...winning! The syndicate is named according to the year, month & day (yymmdd) no matter how long the winnings go on for and for the sake of this example will be marked as, "from 201015 syndicate WINNINGS" if the ticket shown is from winnings from the original syndicate 201015
If we are running another syndicate at the same time as the re-invested winnings are still running, the two syndicates are not combined as this would dilute the value for the members of the syndicate that won. Each syndicate is likely to have different members depending on who joined in class during the collection period.

4. However much we collect is how much we play. Every effort is made to play the exact amount collected but when necessary Tim adds a little extra $$ to make it work & can be calculated accordingly should we have a significant win. To keep it simple we put in the fewest number of tickets as possible (PowerPiks or Systems entries), which means we get as big a system ticket as possible. We play our winnings with the original syndicate name for as long as possible..

5. We post the numbers on this website on the day of the draw but prior to the draw for transparency.
6. As you join any syndicate, we mark you with the number of shares purchased on the event section of our database.
At the time of joining the syndicate, please wait until the member of our team taking your payment tells you that they have added you to the syndicate.

6. In the case that we win enough to distribute money to each syndicate member, we will sms the details to each member.

7. Should a member not collect their winnings, after one month from the sms notification being sent, we will use uncollected money to play again for the benefit of the original syndicate members (including the person who did not originally collect within the month)
8. In the rarest of cases, if a ticket can not be purchased in the planned draw. We will purchase a ticket in a subsequent draw.


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